LIFE is our Cityview vision

I recently had a conversation about vision and organizations.  My friend made the statement that people give their lives to vision.  I think that is true.  Unfortunately I think many of us can live a subsistence life when it comes to vision.  One of the great opportunities that I get week in and week out is to call people to connect their lives to what matters most.  I get to help them shape a God-formed vision of their life.  As well I get to remind them of the God-formed vision we have of our life together at Cityview.

LIFE is our vision.  We envision LIFE-transformed followers of Jesus Christ.  We see people who:

Love God with their all; they joyfully live the Great Commandment and elevate Jesus as Lord in a community of worship and prayer.

Include people in the grace of Jesus; they build healthy and loving relationships for koinonia and evangelism.

Find freedom in the Truth; they apply God’s Word in their actions and attitudes for a new and freeing perspective on life and relationships.

Engage the world as a servant; they infiltrate their circles of influence in the fullness of the Holy Spirit for gift-oriented, sacrificial service.

Now we have had a longstanding statement of our mission that says we seek to create communities of devoted followers of Jesus Christ in Vancouver and around the world.  Out of that we know that we have three wins at Cityview.  We are winning when people who are far from God receive Jesus and begin the process of becoming LIFE-transformed followers of Jesus Christ.  We are winning when community groups are reproducing through the development of new leaders and dynamic caring relationships.  And we are winning when new churches are being started in Vancouver and around the world.

Our strategy has three parts under-girded by leadership, prayer, and faithfulness. 

Spaces:  Worship Gatherings, Small Groups, and 3rd Space settings

Stances:  Spiritual Disciplines and Servanthood

Domains:  Oikos, Neighbourhoods, the “building blocks” of a city


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