What are you willing to walk away from?


32Remember Lot’s wife. 33Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.   Luke 17:32-33

Yes that’s right. Jesus told His disciples to remember Lot’s wife!

In your journey with Jesus, what’s holding you back from fully yielding your life to Him? What has a grip on you? That’s what idolatry does. It holds us back from what Jesus would by promising security, respect, and likability. God’s promise for Lot and his family lay before them not behind them. But Lot’s wife looked back longingly. Her heart was back there…; rather than valuing the treasure of her life hidden in God’s rescue… she looked back  (Genesis 19).

The Lord has brought these words to mind many times in the last five years. Perhaps I’ve collected more that shimmers and shines with false promise. Oh Lord have mercy! Jesus is my life!

What are you not willing to walk away from with Jesus? What competes for your allegiance to Jesus?

As Jesus leads you into His way, His love, His Gospel mission of grace, what are you willing to walk away from?
Count the cost. Jesus is worth it!

This week basketball fans have marvelled at Larry Sanders’ “walk away from the NBA.”


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