Under Grace


For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.
Romans 7:14


For me the whole book of Romans turns on this statement. Paul argues that Jesus has radically altered the environment in which we live. No longer are we under the law, but now in Christ we are under grace.


To be “under” is to be subject to the authority, rules, manners, and destiny of another. The phrase “a man under authority” (Matthew 8:9) was used by a Roman centurion to describe his character and position, and his understanding of Jesus’ ability to heal without actually coming to his house. Jesus was amazed at his faith.


Throughout the letter we call Romans, Paul, is working out what it means to be under law and subject to it and what it means to be under grace and to be subject to Christ Jesus. Our understanding of what we are living under has profound implications on our character and life.


What are you living under?


In Christ Jesus, I am under grace.


I am under the abundant riches of His work at the Cross.


I am under the extravagant expression of His love.


I am under the power of a new kingdom regime.


I am under grace.


Our world needs to see


a woman under grace;


a man under grace;


a community under grace.


It will be amazing!



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