Boston, Our Broken World, and the Kingdom of God

Whether its Boston, Beijing, or Azerbaijan, global events have seared

themselves into my conscience and make me wonder about

the world we live in.

This week its Boston.

I have grief from a distance; then the wondering sets in.

Someone did this with malice and aforethought.

It was not an accident.

Lord help us.

Still within our broken world love remains a choice.

The impulse toward life resists terror and speculation

about our next race, our next celebration, our next gathering.

We lift up the heroes who rushed in.

And those of us who pray, seek God

for the comfort and healing of those who remain.

Jesus said, “I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God

to the other towns as well, for I was sent for this purpose.”  Luke 4:43

We believe the good news of the God’s kingdom

breaks into our conscience and our broken world

with the message of God’s redeeming work —

He will gather the nations before Him.

He will set all things right.

He will wipe away every tear.

He will make all things new.

He will cause the joy of our faith to abound in His love.

He will.


One thought on “Boston, Our Broken World, and the Kingdom of God

  1. Thank you Craig. Well put as usual. I too grieve and wonder and hope in the transforming power of the gospel.

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