So you are going to start journaling…

This weekend after the worship gathering a bunch of our crowd took home a new journal compliments of Origin.  Of all the good intentions keeping a journal has been one of the most stop-start-stop-start disciplines of my life.

So you are going to start journalling… here’s a few things to consider.

1.  Its not a masterpiece, and you are not writing for someone else.

2.  Just start writing.

3.  Use the journal for lists of what happened in your day.  Maybe you can reflect on the day and capture your “original moment”–when you experienced the love of God or people, or when you loved God, loved people, or shared the Gospel.

4.  Don’t have words? — draw a picture.

5.  Make a list from these questions and choose one for more reflection:
–What am I happy about?
–What am I sad about?
–What am I angry about?
–What am I afraid of?

6.  Read the Scripture, encounter God, write your prayer.
You can use the SOAP method.  Scripture, Observations, Application, Prayer.

For those “journaling pro’s,”  What other ways have you used your journal?  Other suggestions on getting started?  And how did you benefit?


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