The kiss of love

Scripture:  1 Peter 5:12-14

12By Silvanus, a faithful brother as I regard him, I have written briefly to you, exhorting and declaring that this is the true grace of God. Stand firm in it. 13She who is at Babylon, who is likewise chosen, sends you greetings, and so does Mark, my son. 14Greet one another with the kiss of love.

Peace to all of you who are in Christ.


Peter encourages them to greet one another “with the kiss of love.”


I have a friend who regularly greets me with a slap on the back or a chest bump!  Its all about the affection and the happiness of seeing each other.  In general Canadian culture is not predisposed to greetings with kisses… or even hugs!  However, the spirit of this command remains for us.

I think Peter must have remembered how Jesus was betrayed by a kiss from Judas.  (Luke 22:47-48)  The contrast is striking.  The followers of Jesus as beneficiaries of His death and resurrection now greet each other with a kiss that recalls the great expense paid for their fellowship.  And thus our kin-ship in the church is based not just on affinity and blood-line, but on the grace of our Lord.

Because of Jesus, may our greetings of other brothers and sisters in Christ be infused with real affection for each other.  So… let’s warm it up and let the love and brotherhood we feel with Jesus into our relationships with others in His church.


Heavenly Father, thank you for moving toward us and expressing your love for us in real ways.  Help us build the kind of friendships and relationships together in your churches that honour Jesus.  AMEN.


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