Eat More Garlic Bread

Today in the preparation for our lunch with friends we ran out of time to prepare our own garlic bread so I sent one of the kids out to Buy Low on Fraser St.  In reading the directions for heating from the packaging I read this:

Origin of Garlic

Garlic has been a prized ingredient for thousands of years.  Ancient cultures valued garlic for many reasons including its ability to ward off vampires.

A study found that serving garlic bread at dinner enhanced the quality of family interactions.  Researchers at an American Psychosomatic Society meeting reported that when 50 test families were served garlic bread, they enjoyed 8% more positive interactions and 22% less negative ones.  That means garlic bread can help promote and maintain shared family experiences around the dinner table.

Source:  Smell and Taste ____ Research Foundation, 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, March 2000.

Everyone at our table agreed: more garlic bread at family meals would be good.  However, there must be adequate provisions of garlic bread!  We had tears and gnashing of teeth when some members of the family were confronted with a two-piece limit.

Try it yourself.  Improve your family life!  Eat more garlic bread–together–at dinners–sans the vampires.



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