communication wins canada hockey gold!

I hope you enjoyed the Olympic closing day and the Canada Hockey Gold!  Wow wow wow so exciting.  I don’t know if you followed the backstory to Sidney Crosby’s winning goal.  It has to do with communication.  Winning teams communicate.  They make sure they are heard and understood.  They work on communicating.  They talk about communicating.  They keep working to make the channels open and passable.  Whatever you are giving your life to in relationships, work, and play, communication will make a difference.  We enjoyed the victory and the goal, but the winning as a team wasn’t just about men, sticks, ice, and a puck.  Winning required communicating.  Here’s the backstory to Sidney’s goal–thanks to the Vancouver Sun.
It was a scream Jarome Iginla had many times in his career heard. But never this loudly. Or with so much urgency.
Like a blind man, the scream told Iginla where Sidney Crosby was on the ice. It told him where to pass the puck. And it told him how little time he had before the play went sour.
“There’s different pitches of yelling,” said Iginla. “He was yelling.
He was yelling pretty urgently. I knew he had a step [on defenceman Brian Rafalski]. So I was hoping I hadn’t delayed in getting it to him.”
“I just tried to let him know where I was,” Crosby said of Iginla. “He outmuscled the guy. That’s basically what it came down to; a one-on- one battle and he won it and we were able to capitalize on it.”
“We were talking all tournament to keep communicating,” added Iginla.  “We were saying all the time to let me know if he was open and stuff.  He let me know there. He was screaming.”

See the whole article here.


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