before you depart from you plan…

As leaders we face the push and pull of pressures and distractions on sticking with our values and our plans.  For many years I have internalized the axiom that “a plan is a good place from which to depart.”  However, I have also realized that before parting ways with my plans I should sort out some very good reasons for doing so.  In the face of a crisis it is very tempting to abandon the plans and even the purposes before us, because we believe that if others think we are doing nothing then they will think badly of us.  Sangeeth Varghese wonderfully illustrates this leadership trap in his recent article in Forbes.  In a crisis or a difficulty whether the leader chooses to maintain the course or to change course one of the essential choices is to be clear.  Keep talking.  Talk clearly.  Explain the why.  Reinforce the values.  And talk about the plan in regard to the current conditions.


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