cityview hosts Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope


Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey

Town Hall for Hope with Dave Ramsey

Cityview will be hosting Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope this Thursday, 23 April 2009, at 7 PM PT.  I believe this will be an informative and inspiring evening on the economy and your money.  Facing a recession when your finances are great can be tough enough, however facing it when your finances are awful can be devastating.  I want you to have your heart in the right place and to have a workable plan with money.  


Many in our congregation have already been helped with the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and his book Money Makeover, so let me encourage you to take the time and listen in as Dave talks to Americans.  It’s sort of like listening in behind a closed door when one of your siblings got disciplined.  Sometimes that’s a great time to learn!  

The Cityview building and offices are at 4370 Sophia St., Vancouver, BC, V5V 3V7.


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