SPECKA–bible study any place any time with anyone

I’m always on the lookout for ways to promote study and application of God’s Word.  I believe we need to move our western romance with information or knowledge on toward speedy obedience when it comes to us and the Bible.  Please don’t hear me saying that I am against education.  I just think we get inoculated against the power of God’s Word to change our lives when we become dependent on a “studied person” as opposed to seeing every person empowered to open the Scripture and experience the shaping work of the Holy Spirit.  Here is a way to do that.

If you are using a narrative passage of Scripture have someone prepared ahead of time to tell the story.  Then have someone read the text.  Then make your way, one question at a time through the following questions:  SPECKA

S  is there any SIN to confess or avoid in this passage?

P  is there any PROMISE to claim?

E  is there any good EXAMPLE to follow or bad EXAMPLE to avoid?

C  is there a direct COMMAND to obey?

K  is there any KNOWLEDGE about who God is or how He works?

A  what is the APPLICATION?
     1st.  What are the general APPLICATIONS from this passage?
     2nd.  What are your personal APPLICATIONS from this passage?


Enjoy.  And if any of you do this by yourself or with a group of friends please give me feed-back on how it went.


6 thoughts on “SPECKA–bible study any place any time with anyone

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  3. I have used specka in my own ministry. I have taught it to pastors and leaders in Europe and in South Asia. I have received a great response to this method.

  4. We were taught thus a few years ago in a group setting. Today we are using it with non-studiers, some are new believers, who even have a go on their own now so we share the ‘leading’. It promotes much discussion and doesn’t depend on an experienced Bible Teacher. God lovingly & faithfully reveals His Word.

    Just to add:
    We read the scripture (or portion), then summarize.
    Do note the verse # of response. This helps the group stay up and brings scripture reveal insteas of ‘ideas’.

    Do you have any idea where this method came from? Many Thanks. DD

  5. I just started using this for personal study after my women’s Bible study started using it for studying James. This technique is a good departure from buying a book and answering questions if you need something different. We also like to record the verses next to each answer. It reaffirms that you’re getting them from scripture and not pulling them out of the air.

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