integrity workshop–this saturday at Cityview

integrity-eventIntegrity matters.  Just imagine what life would be like if the people, buses, cars, airplanes, homes, computers you depended on had no integrity.  What if they could not handle reality?  What about you?  Can you meet the demands of reality.  I have been ruminating on Henry Cloud’s work on Integrity for over a year now and find the material relevant for my own character and leadership development.  My family and the organizations I lead in expect integrity.  They need me to create and maintain trust, face the truth, work to create results, deal with the negative, make things grow, and live with a transcendent orientation.

I am looking foward to spending part of Saturday with leaders from around the City in an exploration of Henry Cloud’s work Integrity:  the courage to meet the demands of reality; How Six Essential Qualities Determine Your Success in Business.  We will use a DVD presentation created by Cloud to highlight the 6 qualities.  It will be an interactive time between leaders.  And, we will have three local speakers:  a bank manager, a school principle, and the CEO and founder of a local company.

See you Saturday at 9:30 AM at Cityview.


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