harper scores a hat-trick with solomon’s sword

So I just listened to my affectionate talking heads on CBC Newsworld trying to help us all make sense of what is happening in Ottawa.  Wow!  After voting in my first federal election this Fall, am I going to get to do it again so soon?  Who knew that public election money for parties was such a fly in the hornet’s nest?  So we will pay for it again?  Are we focusing on the right things these days?  Sure we need our own budget and we will get it…but prudence suggests that we should see which way our large neighbours move in January and present a budget that responds to reality rather than guessing.

The most intriguing diplomatic solution offered was for Harper to walk across the floor and hand Dion the baton and say, “You make a government.”  Two images came to mind trying as I contemplated a coalition government made up of The Bloc, The NDP, and The Liberals.  One, Harper walking across the floor with “Solomon’s sword” and handing it Dion; “let’s see who loves the baby.”  Two, A Hat-Trick; only this is not a game, but all three of these parties in a coalition led by Dion, who the Liberals wanted to jettison just a few weeks ago, would go down in the next election if the economy continues to erode and more Canadians suffer through it.

The headlines:  Harper scores a Hat-Trick with Solomon’s Sword.  So I don’t think shutting down Parliament is the solution.  But I’m really not sure.


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