a taste of last sunday

We had our First Nation’s friends from Tsawout Assembly of Praise Church and the Tribe of Judah worship team at Cityview last week.  God ministered to my heart and really challenged me during the service.  Their music and their testimonies of Jesus’ grace in their lives caused me to reflect on how good it is to share Jesus as Lord without having to abandon our differences that do not conflict with the Cross and the Gospel. 

Below is the text of a song written by a man in Ontario.  I hope the words of Rise Up Mighty Warrior will be true in your life.

The One who was rejected, because of hardness in their heart;

The One who took the pain, paid the price for our new start;

This very One who died, and gave us reason to live,

To give love to those who’ve mistreated us,

and a heart to forgive.

To all who’ve suffered, at the hands of another,

Come out from the bitterness, come out from the shame,

 Well, the God of creation is calling out your name;

Turn to those with love, who have only brought you pain

So rise up mighty warrior, rise up,

and receive what only God can give.

He gives Life through the blood of Jesus Christ.

He gives Love and the strength to forgive.

The lies we believe from our past were nothing but a cruel deception. To take from us, what is rightfully ours, The sons and daughters under God’s protection.



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