willow creek summit, day 2

Today took on even more significance for me.  I found that I had to just listen and soak it in.  I really did not keep up with the note taking.  However, Ryan over at sixty4three has some nice notes.  You can start with the Bill Hybel’s final talk and scroll down and read about each talk.  I would rather try to capture some of my response to the speakers and to God.

The day started with Craig Groeschel from lifechurch.tv  I am shamelessly desirous for God to do IT here in Vancouver and Cityview and in me.  I am willing for Him to bring the passion and love for His Son up in my life.

Chuck Colson inspired me with a firm and vibrant faith in God.  I was encouraged by Colson’s dedication and pursuit of the Truth.  Clearly he has spent a great deal of energy on working out how to speak persuasively and clearly of Jesus and a Biblical worldview.

Catherine Rohr, founder and CEO of Prisoner Entrepreneurship Program, was absolutely delightful and very challenging.  May her tribe increase.  Her joy at the progress and success of those who have graduated from the program filled the stage.   

Brad Anderson, Vice-Chairman and CEO of Best Buy, perfectly illustrated for me what a clear sense of vocation can do for followers of Jesus.  It was so exciting to hear him say “I was called to this.”  “Its a call.”  If only every member of our church had a clear sense of vocation for the domains they inhabit. 

Bill Hybel’s final talk of the summit captured many things that Jesus had been pressing me about in the last two days, and even before.  I said “yes Lord.”  Pray for me.

I do want to express my thanks to Willow Creek and their leadership for putting on the Summit and giving such prayerful consideration to all the elements of it.  With each Summit I have come away with several “take-aways” that played out over the whole year personally and corporately.  There are members of our leadership team who consistently call this “the best leadership conference” they go to…and they have done a lot of conferences over the years.  This year members of our team who are not on the pastoral team had to pay their own way as our congregation has had some tight finances.  I am so proud of those who went and it sent a huge message out to me–when it came down to putting their own money, they saw tremendous value in doing so.


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