an honest game

On this sunny Sunday I have been able to watch the last 8 holes of the John Deere Classic.   Quite enjoyable to watch after my agony on Saturday.  I took my oldest two out to Central Park and we played 18 holes of pitch and putt.  It was agony because by the eighth I was hurting badly from my cracked? or bruised rib.  My shoulders and neck were seizing up as I tried to compensate from the pain.  Golf is such an honest game.  I’m no Tiger Woods playing through the pain.  But, it didn’t matter why the shots weren’t great.  Yes golf has its lucky breaks and good bounces, but ultimately you have to live with the shot you make.  Back to the John Deer Classic–Kenny Perry, Jay Williamson, and Brad Adamonis playing sudden death for the win.  Jay Williamson and Brad Adamonis both ended up in the water.  Ugh!  No taking that shot back!  Kenny Perry kept it together and took the win.


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