the 11 questions every donor asks

I just finished Harvey McKinnon’s new book The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks.  Harvey lead me to think about the concerns of the donor who is sitting across from me when I am seeking to build relationships and raise funds for the organization or cause for which I care.  I recognized myself in each of the 11 questions and laughed because I have too often ignored them or thought them of no consequence.  There is a part of me that thinks people will just “do the right thing.”  However, I think Harvey is right, these concerns really do matter.  If you are involved in advocating for any organziation that tackles concerns that are close to your heart then I encourage you to order the book and read it.  More than that, I believe that if you apply the principles you will “inspire someone to give genersously.”

I am troubled by the fact that so many people want to be generous but often find that their basic and healthy skepticism regarding giving are rarely answered.  People raising / fund raising can be the difference between life and death for the people who benefit from the gifts.  So it is fitting for anyone involved in connecting ministry, people, and money to do that task well.  I found Harvey’s book a quick and simple read, but don’t be deceived–the most simple of questions often require profound consideration and intentionality to answer well.

You can order the book from Emerson and Church Publishers here.


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