back from Tsawout Assembly of Praise

We are back and full of thanks to you for praying for us while we were serving the Tsawout First Nations on Vancouver Island with the Tsawout Assembly of Praise.  We had a hard, hard week and a week of great blessings.  I am so thankful for the believers who faithfully seek the Kingdom of God among the families of this First Nation.  In our camp with over 40 children we experienced great resentment and great tenderness.  The dichotomies held within even one child were astonishing and caused me to reflect on the polarized places of my own heart.  I am thankful as well for our team that sought Jesus desperately after our first day of chaos and put together a plan for the rest of the week that sought to metabolize our situation and live out the ways of peace.  Please continue to pray for us and specifically our children as they process the experiences of the week.


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