craig obrien blogs here

Craig O’Brien blogs here. 

I have blogged for a few years now.  However at best I am an irregular blogger.  After a two month break I have decided to try again.  The truth is I missed it.  Writing is a good discipline and I have found the blog to be a help to me in my process of working out what it means for me to follow Jesus.  As well through the blog I have been able to collect articles and media related to issues that interest me and may be of interest to the community and city I live with. 

Perhaps what intrigues me most about blogging is what is most difficult about blogging.  Blogging creates the opportunity to engage a wider community of people in conversation.  Putting thoughts in print allows other people to push back, agree, or develop further the ideas under discussion.  To me ideas are fair game.  Liberty afords us a privledged space in which people can be respected and ideas can be considered and critiqued. Blogging at its best creates space for liberty to flourish.  Please join in the conversation if you are helped, irritated, delighted, or confused by what is written here.

Some of you my have checked in on me at craigobrien blogs.  Please change your feeds to receive from


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