The Lessons of Jericho

It really wasn’t about Israel.

When asked about sides, the commander of the Lord’s army, said, “No… I’m here now.”

It was about God judging.

We can build up our walls against God, now.

We can try to create “safe rooms” in our heart against the knowledge of God, now.

Now it seems like God and “his people” are circling around you.

But someday.

The walls will come down by the Lord’s command as if they were startled by the blast of a trumpet.

And God will move in.




The difference for now is that Jesus went outside the city walls in humiliation and took on all the judgement of God for you at the Cross.

The difference for later is that the commander of the Lord’s army will return with an all-consuming glory.

Its better to be with Jesus now by His grace.

May the walls come down.

May the Lord come in.