120 Days, James Choung on video

If you are coming out to Leaders Fellowship this Wednesday night at Cityview you will join us in the launch of a new experiment.  120 Days.  I am asking those who attend to think about and share the Gospel for the next 120 days, 17 September – 17 January, from a 4 Circles approach developed by James Choung.  On Wednesday we will start to learn this conversation together and we will develop ways to share our learning.  120 DAYS is a “next step” from the series in August called “Speaking of Jesus.”  I hope you will come, learn, pray, and take the challenge.  As preparation please watch the 2 three-minute talks by James Choung, author of True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In.

The Big Story, Presentation

The Big Story, Response


telling The Story with a Fresh Slant

James Choung has released a book and is blogging on his napkin presentation of the Gospel.  In contrast to the Four Laws and the The Bridge, Choung uses four circles to tell the story and provide access to Kingdom theology.  Besides picking up a copy of his book, True Story–A Christianity Worth Believing In, you can explore his website, Tell It Slant, which includes video of the presentation, or you can read the article From Four Laws to Four Circles at Christianity Today.