Becoming A Gracist

Scripture:  2 Peter 1:10-11

10Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall. 11For in this way there will be richly provided for you an entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Therefore:  it connects the call to keep building our character in response to God’s grace in the Gospel to diligence…

Calling and election:  The reality that God chooses us for inclusion in His Kingdom on the basis of grace through Jesus Christ and not our own merit.


The accusation against the “gracists” is that they give people excuses to sin grandly.  But here’s the deal, my sin, does not add that meaning to my life.  My sin actually points out where I have not let areas of my life be infiltrated and changed by the grace of Jesus.  The Gospel tells me that for those who receive Jesus as Lord are forgiven.  “To make my calling and election sure” means that I am making efforts to cooperate with the Spirit of the Living God so that I respond to His grace.  His grace propels me into a greater vision for life — to be like Jesus and honour Him with my life.


Heavenly Father, I’m thankful that improvement / growth in Christ is not a means for securing my position with you.  That’s settled!  Thank you.  This mysterious choice you have made to elect, to choose, to include has changed my life.  You accepted me, and thankfully you are still working on me.  Grant me the grace to keep working with you all the days of my life.  AMEN.

10 affirmations for the day after an election

1.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am a citizen of another Kingdom.
2.  My participation in electoral and political processes and their outcomes does not give ultimate weight to my sense of well-being since I have entrusted my life to the God of all Creation.
3.  I celebrate the freedom liberty affords us all to participate in governance.
4.  The way in which I speak of those with whom I disagree is powerful and viral; respect breeds respect and rancour breeds rancour.  The society I desire to live in will be shaped by the attitudes I present towards those with whom I disagree.
5.  I will pray for those in authority over me and given governance over people.
6.  I will uphold the sanctity of life and our responsibility to steward the image of God in all seasons of human life so that the varied, insipid and unjust activities of the Evil One are brought into the light and human compliance with those activities is challenged.
7.  I will distinguish my preferences from my principles that I might cooperate with other principled people for good.
8.  I will maintain that good leadership runs on the rails of character, compentence, and community; therefore, I will personally continue to develop the integrity required to meet the demands of reality with courage.
9.  My actions and attitudes matter more than my vote and your vote.
10.  I will debate ideas with rigorous and throughtful discipline; I will love people with greater vigor.

What are you affirmations for the day after an election?

get out to vote Canada

Today I join millions of other Canadians in voting in our federal election.  Exercising our democratic privilege is a great responsibility.  Its more important than the Hockey Night in Canada anthem!  I am joyful that there are many others around who believe tthoughtful participation in our own governance requires them to get up and vote.  If you head out to vote today remember that Elections Canada now requires identification that proves your address and your identity.