Faith Like Potatoes

Ellen and I watched Faith Like Potatoes last night.  We enjoyed the movie but were very moved by watching the documentary of the real Angus Buchan that is contained in the special features.  I recommend watching both.  Faith in Jesus Christ bears fruit in our lives that remains unseen until the right time.  A great story of persevering faith through great difficulties.

The trailer:

A view of the real man, Angus Buchan:


bella the movie

Here is the official trailer for Bella, the 2007 People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival.

Last week my wife and I finally watched Bella, the movie.  I really enjoyed the film.  I found that it was an intense view of a how we each hold the power of life and death in our hands, sometimes through conscious choice and at other time through a series of choices.  The themes of family, food, choice, and adoption resonated with me.  And it was good to see a “latin” influenced film with such positive and realistic presentations of family life.  You may enjoy hearing from Alejandro Monteverde on the making of the film.

If you watch the Canadian DVD make sure you watch the interview with Eduardo Verasetegui in the special features.