The Garden Movie

Ellen and I watched The Garden, about the south central famers in LA and their struggle to maintain a community garden in the City.  I found that I had an interesting internal struggle between my values for both public and private property.  The clash of ideals is portrayed well in the film and makes for a useful foil for anyone involved in the public — private discourse in Cities.  As well, if you appreciate gardening and value the process and rhythms of life required to grow your own food you will find the film inspiring.


Ten Ways to Make BC A Model for Urban Gardening

What a wonderful summer for my garden at home.  We have managed to put some (and sometimes just a handful so far) of rubarb, blueberries, raspberries, plums, pears, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, chard, carrots, mint, basil, and oregano on our table from our garden.  I hope there is more to come.

I enjoyed this article on How To Make BC a Model for Urban Gardening from Tyee and have captured several ideas for the next year.  The whole series has been interesting and I would recommend reading through the links.